Lean Banking

Banking is categorized as one of a high regulated industry. Governance requirement is very high. In practice, governance is perceived as a rigid corridor that can cause:

  • Limit the business improvement and innovation in a bank
  • Rigidity of process
  • Retard innovation and improvement initiatives
  • The challenge is how Bank can actively drive Continuous Improvement and Innovation initiatives and culture while It stays Governed.

Lean is simply creating an environment where you have the right amount of resources – where work is paced and content targeted according to customer demand. More importantly, Lean is having the ability to rapidly respond to a signal from the customer through a standardized process —which means it is predictable, controllable, and sustainable.” Jim Kaminski, Assistant Vice President of Bank One on Book titled Lean Six Sigma For Service

Lean for services is about getting results rapidly. The kind of results that can be tracked to the bottom line in support of strategic objectives. The kind that leaves delighted customers wanting to do more business, that creates value for your shareholders, and that energizes employees.

This fun and interactive program will share Lean principles which drive organization to achieve operational excellence.
Providing understanding to participants why Lean is a must, and can be applied in Banking process.
Understanding Lean concept, when to apply the tools, and hands-on experience using methodology and tools, so that participant able to apply in real work situations
Our program is designed to equip participant with fundamental knowledge, how to identify and communicate opportunity for improvement in organization.
Training method will use Role Play Games to simulate process without Lean vs Process with Lean Improvement. Participant will apply the concept and interact with others. Participant will experience the power of Lean. Improved performance in Service Level, Simplify process, and breakthrough financial impact


  • Philosophy of Lean and Essential Mindset in Lean Service
  • Criteria of Value Add and Seven Waste: TIMWOOD
  • Five Lean Principles5S Workplace Organization
  • Visual Management
  • Process Lead Time
  • Process Cycle Efficiency
  • Generic Pull System
  • Wrap up and Final Test
  • End-of-course

Lean Approach in Business Process Improvement in Service

This course is designed for Manager, Supervisor, Production, Quality, Maintenance, and anyone who is required to understand Lean concept and implement in organization

2-day Training and Workshop

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