Lean Manufacturing

The concept of Lean Manufacturing was developed in the early studies of the Toyota Production System. It focuses on eliminating waste in processes, waste being anything that impedes the flow of product as it is being transformed in the value chain.
Lean Manufacturing, to coin a phrase means ‘getting product to where it is needed, when it is needed, in the quantity needed’. Quality problems, buffer stock, unreliable machines, inefficient process layout, all impede flow in the value chain. Lean Manufacturing uses a variety of tools focusing on the elimination or reduction of these issues.
This 2-Day course is designed to give the delegates a detailed knowledge of the key tools of Lean Manufacturing such that the delegate will be in a position to help transform their organization into a leaner and more competitive enterprise. The workshop presents the concepts, tools and techniques involved in the practical application of Lean Manufacturing Tools using a series of easy to understand modules and exercises.


  • Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the benefit of Lean Manufacturing implementation
  • Able to identify Non Value Added activities
  • Capable to drive change in organization to dramatically improve productivity and shorten process lead time
  • Preparing infrastructure for Lean deployment
  • Develop team based approach for continuous improvement initiative


  • Philosophy of Lean Manufacturing and its history of development
  • Benefit of Lean Manufacturing
  • Criteria of Value Add and Seven Waste: TIMWOOD
  • Five Lean Principles
  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Visual Control
  • Gemba – Go & See
  • Standardized Work
  • Process Balancing
  • Wrap up and Final Test
  • End-of-course

This course is designed for Manager, Supervisor, Production, Quality, Maintenance, and anyone who is required to understand Lean concept and implement in organization

2-day Training and Workshop

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