An Introduction to DMAIC Methodology
Lean six sigma is well-known business strategy that combines the best of proven Lean and Six Sigma principles that drive key improvements to business practices, ensuring operational excellence.
Leaders must to have an essential mindset in Continuous Improvement philosophy and methodology. How to identify value add and non-value add activities that are important to trigger improvement ideas. Project Charter and assignment of change agents to execute LSS project. Strategy for LSS Organization Deployment and Infrastructure will be add on these 2- day training.

To crystal clear understand how DMAIC cycle as a powerful platform to generate improvement ideas and how to ripe the success of improvement projects. This workshop explains the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma; all participants will learn how to plan and prioritize improvement projects more effectively while managing business process strategy. On our interactive workshop you can:
Provide a clear understanding of Lean Six Sigma as a powerful combination
Philosophy of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Integration
Strategy for LSS Organization Deployment and Infrastructure


  • Essential Mindset in Continuous Improvement
  • Philosophy of Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Integration
  • Project Charter and SIPOC
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Swim Lane Process Mapping
  • Quick Improvement /Quick Wins
  • Brainstorming (Root Cause Analysis, Cause Effect Diagrams, Why-Why Analysis)
  • Standardization and Process Control Plan
  • Wrap up and Final Test
  • End-of-course


Designed for business owners, Junior Continuous Improvement Professionals, Staff, Supervisor, People in Charge of Operational Excellence as Project Member.

2-Day Training

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