Why your future leader should have to know DMAIC step of problem solving?
Lean six sigma is well-known business strategy that combines the best of proven Lean and Six Sigma principles that drive key improvements to business practices, ensuring operational excellence.
The main goal of this program is to provide participants the basics of Lean Six Sigma implementation methodology, Infrastructure for successful Lean Six Sigma deployment. Best practices to integrate this methodology into the organization’s culture to achieve enduring improvement and the powerful DMAIC cycle.

To fundamentally understand how DMAIC cycle would eliminate 7 deadly wastes from Lean principles and drive key improvements from Six Sigma into business practices ensuring operational excellence. This workshop explains the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma; all participants will learn how to plan and prioritize improvement projects more effectively while managing business process strategy. On our interactive workshop you can:
Provide a clear understanding of Lean Six Sigma as a powerful combination
How to starts the implementation, the pitfalls, and key success factors
Provide a practical guide of DMAIC cycle and basic improvement tools
Deliver the knowledge of project infrastructure

What is Lean, Six Sigma, and why combined become Lean Six Sigma
DMAIC steps
LSS Deployment Plan and how to deploy
Key Roles: Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Program Owner, Sponsor, and Champion
Project Selection to ensure the right project for execution
Workshop: Identifying, Screening, Filtering, Scoping and Defining
Basic DMAIC Tools: Statistical Tools and Project Management
Implementation case study

Designed for business owners, Continuous Improvement Professionals, Managers, People in Charge of Operational Excellence

2-Day Training and Workshop

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